About Us

Round Table Forums are an initiative of Western Heritage Australia held since 2006 in the Jubilee Room at NSW Parliament House. Western Heritage Australia is also known as The Fellowship of the Round Table. This name was adopted a decade earlier and used the mythology of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Prior to 2006 forums were held in locations outside of New South Wales Parliament House.

Western Heritage Australia was formed under the name The Fellowship of the Round Table in February 1994 at Woodford ( located in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales Australia )

Western Heritage Australia has no connection with any political party, sect or religion and it’s constitution deem it to be a not for profit organisation. The West is sometimes deemed to begin at the Greenwich meridian. It is possibly also correct to suggest that the “West” begins at the International Date Line and spreads around the globe on a daily basis.

Contributions are welcome. Please contact us at fortaustria@softhome.net for further information.

Forums at held at NSW Parliament House

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